Accounting, tax and administrative services
for English-speaking customers in France

Our services

We aim at offering a full service in administrative matters to our english-speaking clients.

  • Our clients are mainly :
  • Small companies owned by English speaking associates ;
  • Real estate companies (SCI), renting the property fully equipped or not
  • English speaking individuals, resident or non-residents, who need to comply with French tax rules

Our most common services include :


Your company is located in our premises, we receive your postal mail and transmit to you by email with the necessary explanations for your understanding

Administrative assistance

We put you in connection with English speaking professionals, for example to open a bank account, or have your real estate property insured.


We keep the accounting books of your company under the French accounting standards and report to you in English.
We can also adapt your accounting books established abroad to French accounting standards.


We set up your company in France, we keep the agenda of your board and your shareholders’ meetings.
We assist you in any legal matter, and introduce you if necessary with any English-speaking professional (solicitor, lawyer etc.)

Tax management

We first analyze your situation and the relevant international tax convention to determine what is the best tax status available for your activity.
We establish all tax returns, for individuals or companies, for income tax, VAT or wealth tax.
On your behalf, we manage the payment of your taxes.
We assist you in any relation with the Tax Office

HR management

We manage the entire administrative hiring process (work contract, registration of the new staff in the social bodies etc.)
We provide the monthly payroll, and prepare the returns for social contributions. On your mandate, we provide the payment of the social contributions.

We can provide other services, depending on our consumers’ requests. Don’t hesitate to ask !